Friday Night Services

When you are gearing up for Shabbat, Fridays can be a little…rushed. Everything has to be done in order to light those candles on time. For many, going to synagogue on Friday night really marks the beginning of Shabbat. You leave one plane and enter another. Seeing your friends and neighbors and wishing them a “Good Shabbos…Shabbat Shalom” connects you back to community and to being a … Continue reading Friday Night Services

Friday Night Candle Lighting

It seems there is something special about the act of lighting Shabbat candles. It is a touching picture: the woman bent over the flames in prayer, a kerchief covering her head. One of the strongest symbols of the Jewish people, candle lighting encompasses what is central in Judaism: the Jewish home. It is a moment steeped in tradition, as one may remember one’s own mother … Continue reading Friday Night Candle Lighting

Friday Night Introduction

The key to a meaningful Shabbat experience is that it shouldn’t feel just like “any other day.” Rather, we want to create a special mood. This means getting dressed up in our nicest (or favorite) clothes, buying or preparing our favorite foods, and setting aside uninterrupted time to reflect and appreciate what our lives are really all about. How do we break loose from the … Continue reading Friday Night Introduction

What Does it Mean to “Keep Shabbat”?

There are many laws and guidelines found in the Torah and Code of Jewish Law regarding the proper observance of Shabbat. Since Shabbat observance is commanded in the Torah, we strive to observe it as the Torah teaches, not merely on our own terms. This booklet will help you with the order of the Shabbat day: what to say, when and how, and offer insights … Continue reading What Does it Mean to “Keep Shabbat”?