It Takes Two

It Takes Two

It Takes Two is a unique form of couple’s coaching that re-introduces couples to the fundamentals of marriage, helps them solve seemingly intractable issues and opens the possibility of a more satisfying and joyous relationship. It uses an innovative technique that we’ve developed known as a “Domestic Contract” that allows couples to pre-argue their thorniest issues, arrive at an agreed upon course of action and commit their plan to writing.

Part I
The Purpose of Marriage
Listening, Patience and Empathy
The Best Way to Fight
Responsibility and Personal Growth

Part II
Developing a Domestic Contract

“We really liked the style of the presentation — good balance of serious material with humor. We appreciated the personal stories you shared which made the material very relatable.”
– Rachel and Joe

“The course with great the style was great. The format was great and the information was great – We wouldn’t change a thing.”
– Craig and Sasha

“This was a wonderful series! We learned soooo much. We really liked the structure, the content and the interactive aspect.”
– Rina and Aaron

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