The fundamental challenge (and opportunity) of business is that businesses are run by human beings. By nature we all have moments of moodiness, honor-seeking and shortsightedness. We also have moments of expansion, creativity and generosity. Distinguishing between these states and gaining control over them makes us significantly more productive and effective. Learning how to accept the foibles and shortcomings of our co-workers makes us more effective, better leaders and more contented workers.

The Aish Center offers businesses training, based in classical Jewish wisdom, that will enhance your team-work, boost energy and productivity and help create a happier work environment.

Sample Offerings

  1. Love the One You’re With: How to Deal with Your irritating co-workers
  2. Do the Right Thing: Dealing With Business Dilemmas
  3. Thinking and Doing: Unlocking Both Sides of Your Brain
  4. Falling Apart/Falling in Line: Embracing Frustration
  5. The Four Kinds of Anger
  6. Let It Go: How to Take Nothing Personally

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